R1 / R3 / T15 / <tc>D3 Pro</tc> 이어팁 교체 키트
R1 / R3 / T15 / <tc>D3 Pro</tc> 이어팁 교체 키트


R1 / R3 / T15 / D3 Pro 이어팁 교체 키트

판매 가격$15.99 SGD 정가$19.99 SGD
저장 $4.00

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Original Bebird Accessories

Food grade and FDA certification, high-quality materials, smooth silicone material, neither too hard, nor too soft, with suitable angles of tilt, which can not only clean earwax effectively but also not scratch auditory meatus.

Compatible for R1 Old Version

Not for R1 New Version



Transparent Ear Spoon